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Company mission

The company is based on the field of low-voltage electrical appliances, is committed to the development of automation products, and establishes the Liunan brand image, making Liunan Electric a remarkable efficiency and well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.

Corporate purposes

"Ten thousand times of repetition, consistent quality" is the core of Liunan Electric's corporate culture.
Zhejiang Liunan Electric takes quality as the root and safe and efficient product standards as the basis to provide customers with safe, reliable, high-quality and innovative products. Adhering to the concept of customer demand, we provide pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale services that are satisfactory to our customers.

Business philosophy

"Powered by technology, striving for market with quality"
Quality: Quality is the life of an enterprise, adhere to the principle of quality first, and provide customers with quality products;
Service: always put customer needs first, and make every customer get the most satisfactory and intimate service;
Innovation: Development and advancement are the enduring theorem of product value, constantly innovating and innovating, creating higher value for customers.

Business management

People-oriented: respect the individual needs of employees, everyone within the company is equal, trust every employee, pay attention to the employees' own development, and pay attention to the cultivation and use of talents.
The customer is supreme: the basic principle of improving service quality and taking the customer as the center is the company's long-term strategy, listening to understand the customer's expectations and achieving a win-win situation.
Pursuit of excellence: Strive to be the industry leader, to establish excellence, to meet customer needs; to win with wisdom, to produce reliable products; to treat each other with sincerity, and to provide quality services.